“Iowans share many of the same dreams and worries; having a good job with benefits, living in a safe community, educating our children and having access to quality, affordable healthcare. I’m running because I believe it should be possible for people of different political parties to come together to do what’s best for all Iowans. Simply, our state deserves a better kind of politics than what we’re getting now."

Safe, Good Schools

Our kids deserve an excellent education. We need to give them every chance to get off to a great start in life, which means having communities with quality public schools. As a mom and foster mom, I’ve watched the benefits of good schools pay off. Investing in schools is a sound fiscal decision for our state government because it ensures that the next generation of Iowans is well-prepared to begin long-lasting, rewarding careers in which they can flourish.

Increasing Job Growth and Helping Small Businesses

My husband and I own a small business together so we know how hard Iowa families are working to keep their businesses successful. We should be helping and investing in small business owners rather than large corporations at the State Legislature to ensure everyday Iowans can make a good living and small businesses can grow and prosper in our state. I also want to increase the growth of jobs with good benefits in Iowa. We want young folks to stick around and enjoy all Iowa has to offer, but they need good jobs that offer plenty of opportunity.

Finding a Solution to Health Care

As someone who has navigated the health care system personally, through foster care, and my volunteer work with the Iowa chapter of the Arthritis Foundation, I have seen firsthand that resources for health care in our state are lacking. People should not be penalized for having a health condition or mental illness. Partisanship has overshadowed the need to improve our health care in Iowa and find a system that works for our state. I'm interested in working with all legislators on finding ways to make life better for all Iowans, especially our kids--that means accessible and affordable health care.       

Protecting Our Environment

Our kids deserve the same beautiful state that we grew up in. That means working together with farmers, communities, and other stakeholders to ensure we have clean water and land that will still be as plentiful in natural resources as we have now. We should also be investing in sustainable energy solutions with our state's natural resources like ethanol, wind, and solar power. ethanol, wind and solar power. Finally, we should begin a more serious discussion about climate change and its impacts on Iowa, along with policies we can implement now and in the future to leave Iowa better than we found it for our children.

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